Bright Still life

Abstract Fruits

The image created by the artist combines expressive form and strong, sometimes contrasting color images. Thanks to this, the reflection of the richness of the visual language dominates in this work, where melodic intonations and complex visual polyphony are present.

Spring Vibrant

Once more, the chestnutsare blossoming.

The picture combines incredible attention and love for the native land, a piece of warmth, value in every corner of Ukrainian nature. Particularly memorable are unpretentious scenes, as if seen on a walk - the flowering of herbs in a summer meadow, running in waves to the horizon, colored shadows running obliquely across a forest path or fallen autumn leaves on a water ripple.

Dawn Meadow


The painting is distinguished by its decorative style and solid construction. Works of easel painting are executed using traditional artistic techniques. The painting is characterized by meticulous attention to detail. Some of the landscapes are fantastical and unreal, yet imbued with a sense of monumentality.

Village Mountains

Spring in the Carpathians

This artwork vividly captures the essence of the season, showcasing the scenic beauty of a Carpathian village during the springtime. The brushstrokes are loose and energetic, reflecting the influence of impressionism. The use of bright and lively colors further enhances the joyful and vibrant atmosphere, evoking the rejuvenating spirit of spring in the Carpathian Mountains.

Nature Flowers

Red Poppies

This work is characterized by its colorful mosaic-like quality, reflecting the beauty and diversity of the surrounding world. It captures a breathtaking moment that the eye can barely grasp, and preserves it on the canvas as a fleeting instance of utmost harmony, imbued with its own emotions and subtle vibrations.

Imagination Phantasmagoria


This work is lyrical, imbued with a sense of melancholy and enchantment. It depicts a painter's dreamlike, picturesque land, akin to a mirage that slowly turns the wheels of imagination. Time seems suspended, as the whimsical phantasmagoria unfolds, translated into a poetic and personal style by the artist.


Colorful Summer

In this painting, an important role is played by the element of chance that arises during the application of various textures on the canvas - thick brushstrokes, abrasions, splatters, and drips. The contrasts of colors and textures, the dynamics of the brushstrokes, and the play of thread-like lines create a vibrant spectacle aimed at saturating emotions and prompting the viewer's imagination to interpret the narrative.

Sea Realism

Sun Glints

Inspired by the colorful abundance of nature, this painting captures special emotions. The chromatic richness of nature, its luminous atmosphere, the interplay of light and shadow, and the contrasts of colors and nuances form the fundamental basis of realism in this artwork.


Kyiv, Embankment

The artwork portrays the iconic embankment of Kyiv, capturing the essence of the city's bustling atmosphere and rich architectural heritage. With meticulous attention to detail, the charming buildings lining the river, the shimmering waters, and the vibrant energy of the surrounding urban landscape. Through the use of light, shadow, and precise brushwork, the painting evokes a sense of realism, immersing the viewer in the beauty and grandeur of Kyiv's riverside scenery.


Evening in Kyiv

The painting showcases the majestic Dnipro River and a bridge in the enchanting evening light. The tranquil waters of the river gently flow beneath the bridge, while the setting sun casts a warm, golden glow across the scene. The tranquil ambiance of the evening adds a touch of tranquility and invites viewers to immerse themselves in the beauty of the Dnipro River and its surrounding landscape.

Avant-garde Vibrant

The last day of August

The work demonstrates the use of flat imagery with active graphic elements, showing a tendency towards schematism and vibrant color decorativeness. There is an evident characteristic plasticity, graphic poster-like quality, reminiscent of the works of avant-garde classics. The deliberate distortion of proportions and asymmetry make them similar to the images of Pablo Picasso.


Forever and Ever

In the depths of the canvas, an enigmatic world unfolds. Reality and imagination intertwine, blurring the boundaries of the known and the unknown. Strange and otherworldly creatures emerge, their forms defying logic and defying comprehension. Shadows dance with ethereal light, casting secrets upon the surreal landscape.

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